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Stick This Look

TIGI European Creative Director Nick Irwin creates his rendition of Tiny Tim gone geisha.

"Everyone who knows Chris realizes that his clients must have a sense of humor in order to get what he does every season," smiles Nick Irwin.

March/April 2013 Find in
March/April 2013

"For NYFW, his creative hair direction included Tiny Tim—who had naturally crimped hair—with a slightly twisted edge to the entire style. Based on the makeup design and Chris’ request for a quirky spin, I also fashioned a geisha knot just below the crown and brushed out the braid set to create a more modern texture."

Pretty Scary Makeup

Creating his rendition of a ghostly geisha who looked "a bit spooky yet still pretty," key makeup artist Daniel Martin applied Lancòme Blush in Love in Pommette D’Amour to the cheeks and temples and Color Design Infinité 24H Eyeshadow in Perpetual Pink all around the eyes up to the brows.
Le Crayon Khôl in Blanc was drawn on the inside rim of the lower lids to add a glowing effect and mascara was omitted altogether.


1. Prep dry hair with TIGI Catwalk Session Series Sea Salt Spray and Curlesque Strong Hold Mousse. Create a zigzag parting at the top/center of the head. Blow-dry hair straight and flatten the root area, starting at the center part and ending at the temple.

2. Create a radial parting from the middle of one ear, moving over the crown area to the middle of the other ear.

3. Divide each front/side section into two horizontal sections. Create four, three-strand braids—one for each section—starting two inches from the parting and leaving the last two to three inches of hair straight, depending on length.

4. Addressing the back half of the hair, create a horizontal parting, moving from the top of one ear, across the head to the top of the otherear. Create a subsection on the right-hand side that vertically curves all the way down to the hairline. Braid this subsection, moving with the curvature of the parting. Pin away the balance of the top section.

5. Repeat the braid set for the balance of the hair. Using perm papers to prevent clamp marks, comb and pin the top hair that you flattened when blow-drying to ensure the hair lies right next to the scalp all the way to the temple. Spray Your Highness Shine Spray on the root area throughout the head.

6. Flat iron all the braids and allow to cool. Separate the braided strands with a tail comb and gently brush through the crimps to free-up the texture.

7. Unpin the top section and separate it into three subsections. Drop the middle section and do a braid set/iron, starting two inches from the scalp. Put the outside subsections into a ponytail that’s positioned dead center of the head and the section. Lightly backbrush the tail, spray with Session Series Work It Hairspray, fold it over itself and secure with an elastic band (shown).




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