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HOT by Hair's How - a brand-new magazine by Hair's How-features high-class styles, new and exciting product information, business and artistic education, plus so much more! This fresh new magazine is a bimonthly publication, which has a circulation of more than 75,000 print copies per issue (sent directly to salons) that is complemented by a digital, online edition that offers new and exciting opportunities for hairstylists and beauty companies.

PUBLISHER Stanford Trident Inc. is an international publishing company founded in 1990. Stanford Trident's specialty is the beauty industry and it publishes high-quality styling and educational books, magazines and catalogues both in Europe and North America. Since 1990, Stanford Trident Inc. has published and sold more than 100 different styling books with an average circulation of about 50,000 copies each, and approximately 10 different magazines with an average circulation of about 100,000 copies.

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