Change of Seasons -
Courtesy of Organic Salon Systems
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Change of Seasons

This lovely pastel blonde was transformed from delicately warm to cool with a gentle, silver and violet formula. Jennifer Andrews, Creative Consultant for Organic Salon Systems

January/February 2013 Find in
January/February 2013

Transitioning from autumn to winter to spring hues—all over the course of a few months—takes strategic planning.

If you don't do this well in advance, hair could undergo too many radical color shifts and sustain serious damage.

Our model's hair was colored a delicate warm beige for the fall season and then lightened one level and cooled a bit for winter.

We then added a more dramatic violet/purple shadowing for mid-winter, which could easily be removed or lightened for the upcoming spring season without resorting to harsh chemicals. (


Brand: Organic Salon Systems/Organic Color Systems
Existing Color: Level 8 with level 10 highlights
Prelightener: 1 scoop Naturlite Blue (decolorizer), 25 ml Naturlite Oil + 2 scoops 20-volume (6%) Cream Activator

Shadowing and Lowlights
Base: 25 ml Violet Concentrate, 25 ml Extra Bright Violet Intensifier + 60 ml 10-volume (3%) Activator
Mid-shafts: 25 ml Violet Concentrate, 25 ml Extra Bright Violet Intensifier, 25 ml Silver Concentrate + 75 ml 10-volume Activator
Ends: 25 ml 9N (Very Light Natural Blonde), 25 ml 8N (Light Natural Blonde), 10 ml Silver Concentrate + 60 ml 10-volume Activator
(Step-by-step instructions for this gorgeous winter blonde are featured on

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