Fast Tracks -
Courtesy of PURE Hair Extensions
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Fast Tracks

Fast, easy and adhesive-free applications are yours with the brand-new PURE Hair Extensions EXPRESS system, which attaches five strands to one weft.

January/February 2013 Find in
January/February 2013

Light and comfortable, an entire set can be installed in about 30 minutes and microcylinders can be opened and strands adjusted during the fi tting to eliminate any stress on follicles or hair.

Bonus! Wefts can be reused and look fabulous for approximately one year.

"For the past year, I've been testing the EXPRESS system on my extension clients," says Victoria Pelas, International Creative Director.

"I find that it takes me 30 minutes maximum to install a full head of EXPRESS wefts. The cost of a pack is about $210, with the fee for the initial fi tting double that amount. This means that stylists who use the EXPRESS system can make over $200 profit for 30 minutes work. When clients return for a refitting in six to eight weeks, I personally charge $5.00 to open and adjust each microcylinder, so that it’s the proper distance from the scalp. Based on this fee, stylists can earn about $130 in 20 to 30 minutes."

"From clients' perspective, the most valuable benefit is a substantial time savings. They don't have to come in and invest three to four hours to receive a full head of traditional, strand-bystrand extensions. Equally important, hair fitted with EXPRESS extensions can easily be styled in a bun, French twist or braided updo, or worn straight down."

PURE Hair Extensions are made of high-quality remy hair that has not been chemically lightened.

All strands and wefts come in earth-friendly, biodegradable packaging.


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