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The Parachute Pony
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Summer Styles

Sweis and Moroccanoil host summer Looks & Style event

Sweis Professional Salon & Spa Products and Moroccanoil presented summer styling inspirations to Southern California salon stylists at beachside locales in both Santa Monica and Huntington Beach.

Moroccanoil educator, Kevin Hughes, led the presentation by sharing runway trends in a more wearable, consumer-friendly fashion. He showcased braids of all varieties-from traditional, to dutch, rope, and knot braids. He also incorporated a micro-crimping technique that was recently used in a Rachel Zoe fashion runway show.

Hughes shared that-to achieve the look-he utilized a micro-crimping tool with tiny v's on the iron plates. It produces a rounded soft crimp and can be used to add instant texture and fullness. It can also be strategically placed in the interior of hair, which would keep the crimped look hidden while still providing the benefits of added hair fullness.

Hughes demonstrated the array of summer-ready looks on a trio of models and gave the audience step-by-step instructions to recreate the looks. He also shared some of his favorite summer styling tips.

Get the Looks:

The Parachute Pony

1-You can have any type of texture in the hair from straight to crimped or waved hair…..just pull all the hair back into a low ponytail…using elastic thread.

2-Secure low ponytail with elastic thread, pull thread tight and double knot it.

3-Slide your hand down the pony about 2 ? inches and tie the pony again with elastic thread. Continue this until you have run out of hair.

4- Hold onto a small section of hair at the very bottom center of the end of the ponytail and simultaneously hold the 2nd elastic tie from the top and push up until you have your desired size of puff.

Move down one tie and repeat. You may have to go back and forth to adjust the sizes of the puffs until they are equal or to make them bigger or smaller. That's the fun part… get to be super creative!

The Thrones Updo

1-Crimp entire head of hair

2-Section out a 2 inch wide section from just above one ear all the way to the other ear.

3-Have the client tilt her head to one side and then take a 1 inch wide section from above one ear, split that into two.

4-Take both sections and twist them toward the face. Once they are twisted about 2 inches away from the scalp, cross the front twist over the back twist.

5-Take another one inch section, add that entire section to the now front piece of hair and twist it toward the face, then cross it over the back section.

6-Continue this across the front section until you reach the other ear.

7-This is where you will incorporate the back section of hair into the twist. Take a small pie shaped section of hair from top to bottom, add that hair to the section that is in front and twist that together toward the face and cross over the back section.

8-Continue this until you run out of hair in the back. Once there is no more hair to add, just continue to twist the two sections over one another until you run out of hair. Use a clear elastic to tie it.

9-Wrap the tail-end across the front behind the twist that was started in the front 2 inch section. Pin in place.

10-Pull up on the twist to expand or widen the rope braid.

11- Add accessories such as fresh flowers or jewelry to make it even a bit more special.


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