Glamour Gals -
Miss Universe 2013 Olivia Culpo at the Miss USA 2013 Competition
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Glamour Gals

Learn how to create two hot hairstyles worthy of a "Miss USA" debut!

Topnotch stylists Albert Luiz and Arthuro Gray reveal the how-to's to create the winning beauty looks that added even more glamour to the Miss USA 2013 Competition.

How-To: Learn to create Miss Universe 2013 Olivia Culpo's Up-Do, which debuted at the Miss USA 2013 Competition

"To create Olivia Culpo's "Goddess meets Fairy" hairstyle, star stylist Albert Luiz first separated the front from the back at the ears with a center part for the front.

"I used the CHI 3/4" ceramic spring iron and CHI Magnified Volume finishing spray to create horizontal barrel curls directed towards the center back. I did horizontal barrels from center parting to the ears with the ends of the hair pointing back. I then used the Royal Treatment White Truffle Foundation to help define and smooth the back curls as I separated and then joined them all into a cascade of curls. Doing the same to each side while softly twisting the entire side section and securing to center back," says Luiz.

He believes that soft texture is a must to maintain a whimsical effect.

"Then return to the back length to lift and pin in order to create the goddess effect of times forgotten," says Luiz. "CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray helps to secure the style without making it look dated and stiff."



Arthuro Gray poses alongside Christina Milian.
Arthuro Gray poses alongside Christina Milian.

How-to: Achieve Christina Milian's Voluminous Curls at Miss USA 2013 Competition

Stylist Arthuro Gray first dried Christina Milian's luscious locks with the CHI Touch Blow Dryer.

"Then I put the extensions in. I prepped the hair with CHI Silk Infusion and CHI Infra Texture Spray. Then I over-directed the parting to give an asymmetric feel," says Gray, who then curled all the hair away from Milian's face using Farouk Royal Treatment Hairspray and 1 inch CHI curling iron.

Christina Milian

"I pinned up each curl as I went-allowing the set to cool. Then to give a little volume at the crown I used BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder. To set the style I used a little Royal Treatment Hairspray and CHI Shine Infusion, then pinned over to one side."

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