Rebecca Romijn Radiates -
Rebecca Romijn shines on the August cover of Redbook
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Rebecca Romijn Radiates

Celebrity stylist Nathaniel Hawkins reveals the simple steps to achieving this hot cover look

Lights! Camera! Action! It isn't so difficult to make Rebecca Romijn look absolutely radiant. After all, the star of the new "King&Maxwell" on TNT is a stunning natural beauty. New York celebrity stylist Nathaniel Hawkins had the pleasure of transforming this beauty queen into a knock-em-dead cover star for the August 2013 issue of Redbook magazine. Of course, he had some help from a host of specially-selected Joico products.

Hawkins reveals that the magazine's editors requested a hairstyle that was "summery, but not beachy; beautifully finished but effortless." The star stylist started by prepping the actress's hair with Joico K-PAK Leave-In Spray Liquid Reconstructor to soften, detangle and prevent breakage. "This product gives you great combability and it's perfect to protect delicate hair from stress throughout a long day of shooting," says Hawkins.

In an effort to build maximum body and fullness, Hawkins used one of his favorite volumizers-Joico Power Whip Whipped Foam. "Mousse is always my first choice to create body," he notes. To ensure maximum effectiveness, Hawkins applied the Power Whip to a vent brush, divided the hair into three sections-right, left and back-and carefully worked the product into the hair in each section, roots to ends. "The vent brush allows me to get the product right in at the roots and distribute it evenly throughout the entire strand," he explains. "With the vent brush application technique, the foaminess of the product isn't squeezed out by the hands and the mousse stays active, while the application is even and light."

Rebecca Romijn rocks a red hat

Since Romijn and the crew were on tight schedules, Hawkins knew he wouldn't have time for restyling, so building in maximum, long-lasting volume was of paramount importance. He first tousle-dried the hair with a blow-dryer, which was set on a medium temperature setting and high air flow, and lifted it at the roots with his fingers. "Heat reduces fullness, so I didn't want the blow dryer to be too hot," says Hawkins. Then he flipped Romijn's head over and blasted the roots in order to encourage the Power Whip to penetrate thoroughly-"a good trick for women at home," he notes. Once Romijn's locks were completely dry, Hawkins created long, 1 1/2 inch diagonal sections, lifted each one and spiraled the hair around a 1 1/4 inch curling iron, directing each section away from the face. "This technique creates a curl that moves into a wave quickly and efficiently," says Hawkins. He clipped each curl into place and allowed the hair to cool and set completely for 20 minutes before removing the clips. Voila! Cover ready!

To create the right finish, he misted the hair with Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo at the roots, then lightly on midshafts and ends before using his fingers to tousle and shape the desired wave pattern. To tame flyaways, he placed a dollop of Joico Super Shine Glossing Polish between his hands, rubbed them together to emulsify the product and ran his hands over the surface of the actress's hair to smooth and control the shorter pieces.

For added insurance during the outdoor shots, (the weather was hot and humid) he then misted Romijn's hair with Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray. For the rest of the day, his go-to formula was Joico Power Spray Fast-Drying Hair Spray. "What I love about Power Spray," he notes, "is that I can layer the hold, build it over time. It's designed to be layered, so you can create incredible hold without a stiff or solid 'hairspray' finish. It has an ultra-fine mist so it penetrates into the hair 'spaces' and really holds the structure. It almost magically defies gravity!"

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