Top Lobs 2016 Straight Smooth Lobs  Beautiful blue colormelt decorates this expert precision lob with a hint of wispiness along the perimeter lines to create a totally modern style. Stylist: Alexis Thurston IG @alexisbutterflyloft  Tip: Smooth straight lobs can create the impression of a more statuesque appearance. Straight Smooth Lobs  A bright pink shadow root enhances this smooth, straight lob. Is it too bright for your clients' tastes? Envision a deeper natural color in lieu of the pink. Stylist: Brittnie Garcia IG @makeupbyfrances  Tip: A one-length lob is ideal for fine-haired lovelies as it creates more bulk at the ends and greater thickness overall. Straight Smooth Lobs  Purple and lavender hair colors add an elegant touch to this blunt, all-one-length lob. Stylist: Melissa Smith IG @sweetmelissagrace  Tip: Long straight lobs can visually elongate a short neck. Straight Smooth Lobs  Featuring an extreme A-line (longer in front) perimeter shape, this classic, all-one-length lob haircut is accentuated with a smoky purple shadow root. Stylist: Nellie Duclos IG @nellieduclos  Tip: When styling a smooth, straight bob, it's essential to carefully blow-dry the hair using moderate tension and always pointing your blow dryer toward the ends of the hair. Layered Lobs  This messy, purple and silver lob embraces the neo-grunge genre of street styles. Stylist: Rickey Zito IG @hairgod_zito  Tip: Front and side layers of any lob design should never be shorter than one inch above the chin. Layered Lobs  Blue shadow root and sparkling aqua blue hair color accentuate the details of this layered lob that has shorter layers along the back and sides for added fullness and texture. Stylist: Vanessa Fermin IG @vanessastylesyou  Tip: Layered lobs can create fullness on the sides of the head to visually widen a long, narrow face shape. Layered Lobs  Textured ends and a messy style create a casually tossed lob that works well for the office and a cozy dinner for two. Stylist: Charlie Price IG @hairbycharlie  Tip: For fine, thin hair, a darker hair color base gives the illusion of thicker, more substantial hair. Layered Lobs  Casually tossed layers and a believable fluffy finish are two great style elements for fine, thin hair. Stylist: Elise Leon Melnick IG: @hairbyelm  Tip: For fine, thin hair, back-brush the base and smooth the top to create a natural-looking (not forced), fluffy style. Textured Lobs  Textured lobs look fabulous on a variety of cuts. Shown: an urban-chic, one-length lob that has been loosely curled with the ends left straight. The textured element has been accomplished with a texture product and finger styling. Stylist: Linh Phan @bescene  Tip: Multidimensional hair color designs that run throughout the hair draw attention to texture and movement, whether the lob is layered, one-length, straight or curly. Textured Lobs  Topped with a bold color design, this beautiful haircut is bob length in back and lob length in front. We love how the curly texture has been strategically styled in opposing directions to create a drool-worthy style. Stylist: Michelle Saunders @blondiesaurusrex  Tip: For longer pieces around the front hairline, curling the hair away from the face (with the exception of the bottom layer) creates a signature lob style. Textured Lobs  This classic lob can be blown straight or styled for added texture. Either way, the A-line perimeter (longer in front) is the epitome of a modern, on-trend shape. Stylist: Tina Gregoria IG @tinag.hairwhisperer  Tip: By applying a light amount of paste or pomade to loose curls and straight ends, texture becomes the focal point of your client's style. Textured Lobs  Flat ribbon curls and a gorgeous multidimensional hair color design emphasize texture and movement. Is this color too bright for your clients? Envision this style with an ombre application that melts from light brunette to blonde. Stylist: Cody IG @codester_arcs  Tip: Lobs with controlled movement can be given a messy change-up by using a light styling spray, slipping your fingers onto the base of the hair and giving it a quick shake. Textured Lobs  This choppy, textured lob with its bed-head style speaks to rebellious street trends where nearly every hair is out of place. Stylist: Jessica Jewel IG @thejesjewel  Tip: This type of style is most interesting when at least a small, strategic section of hair is neatly styled. (For this design, study the back/bottom section of hair.) Textured Lobs  Highly texture ends are eye-catching to say the least. By adding a hint of fashion color to show off the ends, your style can become a fashion statement. Stylist: Kate Dattilo IG @hair_bykate  Tip: Razor cutting the ends can create extreme texture. Follow up by applying a styling pomade on the ends to create piece-y texture. Lobs - Updos and Braids  Throwing an edgy braid into a curly lob makes a youthful, fresh statement that's fun and quick to complete. Stylist: Samantha Daly IG @bottleblonde76  Tip: Lobs are long enough to be styled with a single braid or multiple plaits. Cornrow braids in strategic areas are also a trendy way to update your client's hairstyle. Lobs - Updos and Braids   Adding a coquettish touch to this smooth lob adds a youthful touch while making it dressy enough for any occasion. Kristin Pellegrino @hairbypurplepeopleeater  Tip: Loose braids fashioned into rosettes are great alternatives to hair jewelry. Lobs - Updos and Braids  Faux updos that pass for the real thing are possible with a shoulder-grazing lob. Chignons with twists and curls to connect the sides can also make an on-trend fashion statement. Stylist: Detra Smith IG @detrashaleeTip: For best results with any updo, curl the hair from roots to ends. Lightly brush out the curls and tease the base to create fullness at the scalp.
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Top Lobs 2016

Lob haircuts of all shapes and textures continue to be the piece de resistance among style-minded clients.

January/February 2015 Find in
January/February 2015

The antithesis of soccer mom bobs, lobs offer stylish versatility, a wealth of different texture choices and flattering designs for all face shapes. They're not only easy to manage, but are also shape-shifters that can visually reinforce your business acumen without being dowdy and reveal the flirty pretty girl from within when the time is right.

What Defines a Lob?

Lobs are shoulder-grazing cuts that are designed similar to many different bob styles without being their identical twins. They're longer than all bobs, are most commonly A-line (longer in front) and have the distinct advantage of providing enough length to be styled into chignons, braids and even messy updos. Lobs can also visually correct overly long or wide facial shapes and even length-challenged necks.

Check out our gallery of lobs, which range from ruffled layers to straight, precisely cut shapes. As you click through the pictures, you'll also see a profusion of bright to natural colors that are meant to be icing on the cake. The colors are lovely…even spectacular…but it's the different lob designs that occupy center stage.

Shown: Hair by Josie Vilayvanh (@josievilay) and Iris Smith (@glamiris)
Lobs are the styles of choice for everyone from A-list actresses to the girl next door.

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