Perfect Pastels -
Photographer: Jack Eames; Hairstylist: Karine Jackson; Makeup Artist: Maddie Austin: Fashion Stylist: Claire Frith; Color Brand: Organic Colour Systems
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Perfect Pastels

Get inspired with these soft to vivid pastel formulations

May/June 2014 Find in
May/June 2014

Silvery Lilac

Looking for a natural-based color that behaves like a traditional formulation? Organic Colour Systems, an ammonia-free brand, delivers luminous, multidimensional color resullts, including many of the most beautiful pastels on the planet! Available in 64 colors, concentrates, brighteners, and lighteners, all products feature certified organic ingredients and natural antioxidants to prevent premature color fade. (

Organic Colour Systems

Prelighten to level 10
Equal parts 11HS (Super Lightening Silver Blonde), 7MH (Medium Mahogany Blonde) and Silver Concentrate + 10-volume Cream Activator

Orange Blush

The Scruples Pale Collection reveals a “post-punk presence” with whispersoft pastels and not-so-perfect renditions of classic mid-century styles. View the entire collection on HOT’s newly reimagined website:


Prelighten to level 10 with POWER BLONDE Lightening Powder
Mix URBAN SHOCK Color Craze Orange with ER Emergency Repair Conditioner.

Purple Reign

Beat the brass and keep cool pastels on-tone with Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple toning system. Included: Purple Toning Shampoo to banish yellow tones and Toning Protection Spray, a purple tonic that neutralizes brass, defends against the overzealous use of styling irons, detangles, calms frizz, and rids hair of static electricity.

Added perks: Shampoo leaves hair smoother and softer; Toning Protection Spray strengthens protein bonds within the cortex. (

Photographer: Melanie Watson; Hairstylist: Charlie Price; Haircolorists: Amie Breckenridge Goltz, Katie Nielson, Katie Mrotek, and Rochelle Prette; MUAs: Ron Lopez and Katelyn Simkins; Fashion Stylist: Danora Gotto; Collection: Scruples Pale Collection


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