Top Lobs 2016

The antithesis of soccer mom bobs, lobs offer stylish versatility, a wealth of different texture choices and flattering designs for all face shapes. They're not only easy to manage, but are also shape-shifters that can visually reinforce your business acumen without being dowdy and reveal the flirty pretty girl from within when the time is right.

What Defines a Lob?

Lobs are shoulder-grazing cuts that are designed similar to many different bob styles without being their identical twins. They're longer than all bobs, are most commonly A-line (longer in front) and have the distinct advantage of providing enough length to be styled into chignons, braids and even messy updos. Lobs can also visually correct overly long or wide facial shapes and even length-challenged necks.

Check out our gallery of lobs, which range from ruffled layers to straight, precisely cut shapes. As you click through the pictures, you'll also see a profusion of bright to natural colors that are meant to be icing on the cake. The colors are lovely…even spectacular…but it's the different lob designs that occupy center stage.

Shown: Hair by Josie Vilayvanh (@josievilay) and Iris Smith (@glamiris)
Lobs are the styles of choice for everyone from A-list actresses to the girl next door.