Pravana's Magenta/Wild Orchid Urban Ombre -
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Pravana's Magenta/Wild Orchid Urban Ombre

One of the most popular images on our Facebook page to date, this wild pink-and-purple style by Pravana is an enduring modern classic! Learn how to replicate the color creation here.

We'll show you how you can reproduce this color and style -- it's not as tricky as you think!



Prelightener: Pravana Pure Light Powdered Lightener + 20-volume developer

Lighter accent shade (ends): Equal parts Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS Pink and Magenta with a drop of Wild Orchid

Darker accent shade (all uncolored hair): Equal parts VIVIDS Magenta and Violet

1. Prelighten ends using a balayage technique. Lift to gold-orange stage.

2. Apply lighter accent shade on the mid-shafts to ends. Apply the darker accent shade to the balance of the hair. Use a color brush to meld the lines between the two colors. Process for 20 minutes at room temperature. Rinse, shampoo and condition the hair.



3. Apply a small amount of a bodifying mousse and blow-dry the hair. Taking small sections and spraying the top and bottom of each parting with Pravana Super Shape Hair Spray, set the hair with a 1" ceramic curling iron.

4. Clip each curl and cool completely before brushing out the set.

5. Brush hair smooth using a soft-bristle paddle brush to emphasize a gentle wave patte. Hint: Tuck the ends under to create a retro '40s shape.

6. A final misting of Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Treatment creates dramatic reflection.




Photographer: Julia Kuzmenko; style and makeup: Sherri Jessee; color: Vadre Grigsby, Pravana Artistic Director; sponsor: Pravana

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