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May/June 2010

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MAY-JUNE 2010 / #3 / VOLUME 5

We are so inspired by the glowing feedback we’ve received on our “makeover” March/ April issue. The latest: a new, ongoing column from Beth Minardi, industry legend and recent recipient of the NAHA 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award. Thank you, Beth — there could be no greater affirmation that we are on the right path!
This issue also contains our super “Mini Mag” wedding planner, just packed with savvy nuptial information and advice. Whether you’re tying the knot, or just catching the bouquet, you need to see this great pull-out guide to bridal beauty and down-the-aisle style! We are also happy to present those who need no presentation:
coloring legend, “Crazy Color” guru Daniel Galvin which we have published an interview with, and styling tips and recommendations from the outstanding Paul Labrecque, British stylists Konizi and Eugene Souleiman and Redken star Guido Palay! And thanks to all of you for reading!
Affectionately, Editorial Staff

Up or Down ?
p. 6-7
Should hot-weather hair defy gravity, or go with the flow? Celebs want it both ways — the glam of the updo, the animal magnetism of free-falling locks. HAIR’S HOW weighs in on a few summer options.

MINI-MAG: Wedding Style
The Bride Guide
p. 51-71
FINISHING TOUCHES. VARIETY: Ray Of Light / Peach Melba / Wave Lengths / Glamour & Elegance.
67 wedding styles. Look Book: Sealed With A Kiss
Hair's How - 67 wedding styles       Beauty Magazine - 67 wedding styles       67 wedding hair styles       Hair's How Magazine - 67 wedding styles

p. 8-9, 47-48, 89

Forget the Wedge, and granny’s pixie-cut. Today’s short cuts are sensuous, deconstructed and subtly complex. We especially love a long, shattered fringe in front.

p. 10-11, 48-49

Hair that hits the mark between the chin and shoulder offers the best of both worlds: the tailored chic of shorter hair, yet with the luxury of length.

p. 12-13, 22-23, 24, 48, 49, 50, 93

Hollywood glamour is back with a vengeance. And there’s also the “Snooki” and other Jersey Girl variants. Coast to coast, long-long locks, often offset with a highly backcombed crown, puts the flat look to rest for spring.

p. 14-16, 40, 52-53, 72-73, 84-86, 87

Daniel Galvin: From “CRAZY COLOR” to the Crown
1. In 2006, Prince Charles honored Galvin’s work with the Crown’s highest accolade, the Order of the British Empire. Galvin is the first hairdresser in history to be awarded this honor...

Mistress Of The Mix: DJ TINA T GETS THE PARTY STARTED - From Sin City to….Summer Camp???
She’s the raw flame, the live wire. Vegas-based DJ Tina T has been spinning since she was just 15. Today, her talents on the tutables pack dancefloors wherever bodies want to move, whipping up her signature chill aural cocktail of hip-hop, Top 40, 80s monster-mash, house, and electro.

VICTORIA THOMAS: The Bride Guide: What To Ask Yourself Before You Say “I Do”
Being a bride means pressure. The planning, the politicking, the compromising, the negotiating. And worst of all, as a bride you may find yourself trapped in someone else’s hair, makeup, eyelashes and nails!

MARA URSHEL: Say YES to the dress! Advice from Wedding Gown Guru.
• Petite: Sheath, A-line, strapless, Empire waist. It’s best to keep it simple and avoid big ball gowns that might look likethey’re wearing you!
• Tall: Sheath or A-lines with a fitted bodice, halter or open neckline to accentuate your collarbone
• Pear-shaped: Strapless A-line, strapless ball gown to accentuate your top half and cover your bottom half
• Hourglass: Depending if you want to hide your curves or accentuate them. Fitted bodice with an A-line or full skirt
• Full-figured: A-line, ball gown with v-neckline and/or Basque waist (dropped, elongated waist which comes to a point in the center) for slimming effect
• Thin: Sheath, mermaid, slim A-line...

IN LIVING COLOR: A Quick Guide to the Freshest Hair Coloring Innovations
Why do we color our hair? Usually, one of two reasons — or maybe both: to cover the encroaching advance of gray, or simply to kick our look up a notch. Maybe our mood needs brightening. Maybe we need to reinvent ourselves. We want to feel younger, sexier, hotter or simply different...

Back In The Black ...and How to Get There
“If 71% of our salon clients are not offered a recommendation, or a prescription, as it were, for retail products, the question is, why not? It comes down to educating and empowering the hairdresser, giving them the confidence to finish off that full service cycle. When they discover that it makestheir clients happy, and realize that happy clients book and buy more, hairdressers lea to love selling.
Renee Shakour, Executive Vice President, Essential Salon Products, Leadership Council / PBA

p. 42-43

Shortcake: A confection of ringlets offsets the graphic smoothness of flat-ironed fringe for a sweet but quirky spring look. It’s especially striking with a monochromatic hair color, such as this buttercream vanilla...

p. 88-89, 90-91, 92, 93

Sun-Kissed / Beso Del Sol: HAIR/PELO Emiliano Vitale for eSalon PHOTO/FOTO Peter Tabor PRODUCTS/PRODUCTOS Tigi TrulightCOLOR USADO Tigi Trulight
Venus Envy / Venus Envidia: HAIR/PELO Sharon Blain MAKEUP/MAQUILLAJE Julie Elton STYLING/ESTILO Olga Tamara PHOTO/FOTO Ian GoldingCLOTHING/ROPA George Taleb ACCESSORIES/ACCESORIOS Strelitzia, Balmain NSW

p. 78-79

A Kiss From A Rose
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, but this sweet take on Spring makeup is as soft as the first petals. Ideal for fair skin, this pink-based palette is a romantic alteative to tan.
Summer Sizzler
The first balmy nights inspire us to slip out of our UGGS and hoody into something slinky. To finally feel the play of warm air over bare,dewy skin again. And this reawakening calls for makeup to melt the iciest of hearts.

p. 80-82

Mercury rising. These liquid metals are sinuously soft, pouring over the skin and melting around the body like quicksilver. The freshest combo:the snug metal tank (including the tank dress) with a sheer frill. Fabrics are lightweight and iridescent, with taffeta enjoying a renaissance...

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