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November/December 2009

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Happy Birthday, HAIR'S HOW!
(pages 4-5)

News & Reviews
(page 6)

Style & Show / Color Rules
(pages 7-27)

Lost World / Chantilly / Workable Style / Dragon Fly / Laser
(pages 28-37)

Blond: Icy Hot / Strike Gold / Red Hot / Go Darker / Color Story
(pages 38-47)

Amazon Girl / Ice Ice / Curls A-Plenty / Nape-Hugger Style
(pages 48-49)

Essential Oil Treatment
(pages 50-51)

Hi-Tech Color: Down to Earth Facts
(pages 70-72)

Vivienne Mackinder: NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
(pages 52-54)

Philip Pelusi: What It Takes To Be a Cut Above
(pages 62-63)

Accent / Shape / Trends
(pages 55-58)

So Glam / One Cut - Four Ways!
(pages 59-61)

Sophisticated / Charming Lock / Flip Out / The Rebel
(pages 64-69)


Makeup Trends & How To Do
(pages 78-81)

Makeup Step-by-Step
Midnight Blues / Fleur De Lis
(pages 82-83)

Fashion Trends
(pages 84-87)

How 2 Shop
(pages 88-98)


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