September/October 2006

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Now presenting:

HAIR'S HOW Complimentary Issue
Welcome to the first US edition of HAIR'S HOW magazine! Let us assist you in your quest to provide top quality service to your existing customers and attract new ones as your business grows. Let our unique magazine help expand your unique business.

Our primary focus is on educating you as a beauty professional and serving your clients. Each issue will be dedicated to what matters most to you.

New and Innovative Ideas
The latest trends in hairstyling will be illustrated by showcasing works from the top stylists in the world. Styles for both men and women, along with styles for special occasions, will be displayed.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions
Step by step instructions for creating many of these hairstyles will be included. We are the only magazine in the US that offers this amount of "how to" material.

Learn from the Best!
In.depth interviews with well-known and respected stylist which will inspire you will be featured.

Keep Up-to-Date on the Latest Trends
A catalog of professional hairdressing goods and accessories, along with lists of books, magazines, and training videos, will be available for your review.

Our team of professionals has been producing the award.winning magazine HAIR'S HOW in Europe for over ten years and is now providing this top quality magazine for beauty professionals in the US. The magazine has been well received and appreciated by top hairstylists in Europe and we are certain you too will find our magazine a must have for your collection.
Start your monthly subscription now and pay only $12.00 for one year! Complete the Order Form on page 38 and return to us.

We are committed to educating and celebrating beauty professionals and are pleased to have you as a member of the Hair's How family.

Now, let's get started!

World-Class Hair & Beauty Magazine, Hair Style How-To Books & DVDs, Free Hair Style Gallery. New hair ideas. Best haircuts and styling tricks. Step-by-Step How-to hairstyle Guide. Most popular celebrity haircuts and how to get them. Expert advice on beauty and fashion.

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