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Prom Braids

Celebrity stylist and Miami Beach salon owner, Danny Jelaca unveils several chic braids that are ideal for Prom 2013

This season, stylists are moving well beyond the traditional, stiff and overly-styled up-dos of proms past. With the braid as a focus of beauty, stylists are celebrating original, trendier hair looks. Celebrity stylist and Miami Beach salon owner, Danny Jelaca shares three simple ways of incorporating braids into truly fab, mod prom styles.

The Fishtail Braid

Although it's not traditionally considered a prom look, the fishtail braid casts a feminine look due to the meticulous method of interweaving.

To start, you'll need 2 clear rubber elastics, scissors, bobby pins and hair spray.

The fishtail braid looks best to the side of the head, so choose whether you want it on the left or right and then make a low ponytail and secure it with one rubber elastic.

Take the ponytail and split it in 2 pieces.

Picking up pieces from the outside of the pony, cross the pieces over to the opposite side and smooth the 2 ponies. The size of the pieces weaved will determine the tightness of the finished product.

This braid takes a lot of patience, and for the best results, the pieces should be very thin, so the braid can remain tight for the entire night.

Once the braid is finished, tie another rubber elastic on the end. Then, using the scissors carefully cut the top elastic.

Use bobby pins to secure loose strands and finish with a light hold hairspray.

*Stylist tip: For a longer braid, add a ponytail extension before styling.

Double French Braid Bun

This Greek goddess look is a perfect alternative to the classic prom up-do.

To start, you'll need 10-15 bobby pins and 3 clear rubber elastics. Start with hair that isn't freshly washed; this will allow the braid to hold better.

Start by parting the hair down the middle and collecting the right side into a pigtail.

Begin the French braid on the left side, starting at the crown and working your way down to the ear lobe. Secure the braid with a clear elastic.

Let the right side loose and repeat the French braid on that side and secure it with a clear elastic.

Take both braids and the rest of the loose hair and tie it together in a ponytail. Tease the pony and, piece-by-piece, pin the hair around the elastic to make a loose, messy bun.

Pin any fly-aways down and finish with a spritz of hair spray. For a messier look, leave a little hair in the front of the face hanging down.

Loose Curls & Waterfall Braid

This season's braid is all about the intricate details, which can create optical illusions.For elegant occasions such as prom, Jelaca suggests adding the braid to a cascade of loose curls.

First, start with clean hair that has been blown out. Using a 1-inch curling iron, style the entire head with curls. Now, it's time for the waterfall braid.

Start by braiding an inverted cornrow style braid from the right or the left side of the head using 2-inch sections.

Grab a piece of hair from the top as if you were creating a French braid.

When you bring it over to incorporate it into the braid, drop the underlying piece underneath and pick up a new piece in its place from underneath.

Continue the braid, always adding from the top and leaving out the bottom piece before adding another to form this pattern, working your way to the back as far as you like.

Finish this style in a regular braid and pin.

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