Braided Beauty
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Braided Beauty

Learn how to create this half-up/half-down braid in four simple steps.

In the second installment of the Joico Holiday Hairstyle video tutorial series with Joico's Glam Hair Expert Katie Bilovol and TV fashion pro Sydne Summer, Joico showcases easy, glam holiday looks that that can easily be created in four simple steps.

This half-up/half-down braid an ideal look for those busy with plans for hosting holiday parties and in need of a quick festive look!

Step by Step:

Prep: To set a foundation, apply Power Whip to wet hair and blow dry. Create loose waves wrapped around a one inch curling iron.

1. Work in Instant Refresh to absorb any extra oils and leave the hair shiny. Make a center part and take soft sections, backcombing at the crown hair, so it has volume.

2. Separate the sides from the top of the head, parting right behind the ear on both sides.

3. Pick the entire side part and create a very loose braid, braiding towards the back. Repeat on the opposite side. Loop the ends of the braids into the elastic.

4. Take one braid and wrap it very low to the head, creating a crown effect on the back. Take bobby pins and criss-cross to secure the end of the braid to the opposite side of the hair. Repeat with the opposite braid. Mist hair with Power Spray to tame flyaways and keep humidity at bay.

To watch the complete step-by-step tutorial video, visit:



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