Add Some Color!

PRAVANA releases its revamped ChromaSilk Hair Color Formulator & Cost Comparison Calculator-a collection of tools designed to assist salon professionals with everyday hair coloring needs.

The new 2.0 version features simplified and improved color formulation for better accuracy, and a new user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as a cost comparison calculator.

With this new app, finding the exact formulation for clients' compelling color is easier than ever. Simply determine the client's current color state, select a shade from the entire line of ChromaSilk color swatches, and hit "formulate."

The Hair Color Formulator also provides useful tips for refreshing, retouching, virgin color application and gray coverage and offers full access to all the ChromaSilk color swatches for reference and client consultations.

An essential business tool for colorists and salon owners, the new Cost Comparison Calculator enables professionals to compare savings, annual costs, cost per mixed ounce, mixing ratios and beyond.

Get it: Search PRAVANA in the app store. It's also available for Android phones.