Wild Ride: Carlos Campos

Menswear designer Carlos Campos selected celebrity stylist, Cesar Ramirez and Number 4 High Performance Hair Care to create the raw, tousled looks that debuted during his Fall/Winter 2013 presentation, "The New Man," which was held at Milk Studios during New York's Fashion Week.

Ramirez and his team, which included stylists Jaylim Youm and Paul Miller, took design cues from the "very lax, free-spirited" apparel collection. The models, which strutted down the runway, represented the turmoil and boundless energy of the 60s. Campos aimed to present that "new man"-a new breed that emerged during that volatile era. The hair was absolutely essential in translating this look and feel, as the look needed to strike a balance between sleek and rogue.

Using Number 4 Texture Styling Creme, Firm Hold Gel, Thermal Styling Protection and Mighty Hair Spray, the hair was designed to have a worn, raw feel. The team yearned to capture the look and feeling of a well-groomed man who went out on a wild run.

This style-conscious man originally styled his hair in a classic fashion-in a side-part, worn smooth, but then he took a thrill ride on his motorcycle. The style represents what this man would look like after he took off his helmet.

An artistic element, bikes lined the runway and appeared as graphic elements on the sweaters. The hair donned an overall matte finish, complementing the cool, vintage feel that permeated the Carlos Campos collection.


1. Apply Number 4 Hair Care Thermal Spray liberally. Use a Denman or small round brush to create some movement and texture. Create a deep side-part, waved off the face a bit and directed to the heavy side. Keep the light side smooth and flat.

2. Use a flat iron, if necessary, to create an erratic texture. Think wind-blown and messy. Don't worry about too much volume.

3. Now put on a stocking cap. When placing the cap, do not make it too perfect. You want a few erratic bends in the hair. This is meant to create the effect left by a bike helmet on a long bike ride. Leave a bit of the fringe out and don't worry about the marks from the cap at the nape and sides; a helmet would do that as well.

4. Apply Number 4 Hair Care Non Aerosol Hairspray through the cap, heat with your dryer, and then let it cool.

5. Take off the cap and use Number 4 Hair Care Texture Styling Crème to adjust, pushing the creme into the hair. Don't run your hands through the hair. Keeping the hair relatively flat on top, ruffle it a bit to make the texture visible.

6. Comb down the smooth side.

7. Finish with Number 4 Hair Care Mighty Hair Spray. Remember this is a loose, casual, carefree look. Not every hair should be placed perfectly.

This look was a collaboration of hair stylists Cesar Ramirez, Paul Miller, and Jaylin Youm.