Punk Rocks: Jean Paul Gaultier

Redken Creative Consultant Guido jetted off to Paris to create the punky hair looks that debuted at Jean Paul Gaultier's Fall 2013 show.

Partially inspired by model/musician Leslie Winer-and created to fit a "patchwork" themed collection-Guido put short wigs in contrasting colors right on top of the models' hair, which was left down. He then blow-dried the hair straight.

"Jean-Paul works with his gut instinct. He originally said the word 'patchwork' and we thought of this idea of putting wigs on top-like a girl that had colored her hair, but let the roots grow out," says Guido.

Guido and his team selected the lineup of wigs from four different colors-black, brunette, red and blond-based on which hair hue created the best contrast for each model's color. "I then personalized the wig to each girl with additional cutting and styling with control addict 28. I needed a strong spray to help over-direct and create the shape and choppy effect."

"It's a fun way of adding a kind of extended bang," adds Guido. "I sought to make the girls look kind of cute, punky, boyish and more rebellious, and it certainly looks a little '90s. Wigs are great in fashion shows as you're not going to get all of the models to cut their hair, but short creates the right look for some collections, like this one.

Create the Look:

1. Start with clean, dry hair. It should be either naturally straight or dampen and blow-dry naturally curlier hair to get it straight with a bit of natural bend in the hair.

2. Apply full frame 07 all-over volumizing mousse to clean, dry hair at the crown only, working section by section to ensure it is evenly and completely dispersed. Comb through and blow-dry the part you applied the mousse to.

3. Apply control addict 28 high control hairspray to the hair and attach the wig. Finish with additional control addict 28 to create a piece-y, choppy end result.

Courtesy of Redken