Calling All Hunks!

Man alive—pardon the pun—how did the judges ever pick just one winner? “I’m not exaggerating when I say that our judges deliberated—and argued—for more than four hours before making their decision,” says Craig Hanson, American Crew Creative Director. “All six of our fi nalists created such stellar work, that it was almost impossible to select a winner.”

Held recently in sunny SoCal, American Crew Global Face Off national finalists Loretta Tom, Canada; Miguel Gutierrez, United Kingdom; Katrina Saxton, New Zealand; Patrick Chai, United States; Dean Tsopanis, Australia; and Muñoz, Spain, were flown to Los Angeles for the final competition and ceremony.

After a few days of hobnobbing with beauty elite in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, American Crew hosted a stellar dinner and presentation where Pedro José Muñoz of Spain was declared the Global Champion.

“Face Off represents the height of men’s hair cutting and grooming,” said Marty Flaherty, Senior VP of Business Development for Colomer Beauty Brands USA. “It really builds a camaraderie and sense of community among American Crew stylists around the world. We also want this yearly program to inspire stylists to do more creative men’s haircut designs, something that will definitely help build their men’s grooming business.”

Winning model, Global Champion, Pedro José Muñoz and American Crew Creative Director Craig Hanson

For Munoz, it also means much more. As the new Global Champion, he’ll be featured in the 2014 American Crew Style Selector, has been invited back stage at the 2013 Global American Crew/Style Masters show in Madrid in April, and will receive press coverage around the globe. (