Oscar Predictions

The hair and beauty scene has been buzzing with anticipation. Beauty buffs worldwide have been waiting to catch a glimpse of the glam looks to be unveiled during the posh Oscar night awards ceremony.

At Global Green USA's 10th Annual Pre-Oscar party, Pureology Serious Colour Care enlisted the talent of Pureology Artistic Ambassador and salon owner Natasha Sunshine who provided complimentary hair touch-ups for the lineup of beauties who were on hand.

The pre-Oscar event united Hollywood's elite activists and other green-minded luminaries for cocktails, food and festivities. Seven-time Grammy Award winner Willie Nelson entertained the A-listers with proceeds benefitting Global Green USA's initiative to build greener, more resilient homes, schools and communities in areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Fashion these stunning Hollywood-inspired looks.

Boho Downstyle:

1. Start with day old hair for a lived-in texture. Scrunch in Anti-Breakage Twist throughout.

2. Using a 1.5-2" curling iron, wrap hair around the iron changing direction on each section until entire head is set.

3. Once again, scrunch entire head to blend the waves. Add additional Anti-Breakage Twist for silkier texture to give additional body-and Cuticle Polisher for thicker hair textures-to boost shine.

4. Braid the center braid down the back keeping the hair very loose at the roots. Add each side-braid in to meet at the back-center of the head. Create a messy bun. Secure grips with an X shape under the bun for added security and hold.

5. Give a final spray with Strengthening Control hairspray.

Hot Tip: This style can skip the braid if need be.

Undone Braided Chignon:

1. Starting with wet hair, apply a dollop-size of Nourishing Nectar throughout.

2. Rough dry hair until 100% dry.

3. Choose a side- or middle-part and French-braid the front portion to the ear then continue a regular braid to the tips.

4. Lace or tease hair from the middle back to the ends and spray with Strengthening Control hairspray.

5. Scrunch the back hair into a messy bun and secure using grips in an X fashion. Continue placing hair until all hair is secured up.

6. Finish with a final dousing of Strengthening Control Hairspray.

Hot Tip: If hair is extra silky, set hair using steps 1-3 from the Boho Downstyle.