American Idol's Haley Johnsen Shines with PRAVANA VIVIDS

American Idol contestant Haley Johnsen really shines on stage with her bold new hair color, created by Celebrity Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist M'chel Bauxal-Gleason. To create the knockout color for every day clients and shining star A-listers, Gleason relies on PRAVANA VIVIDS.

"The ombre effect I was able to achieve on American Idol semi-finalist Haley Johnsen's hair was created using VIVIDS, which helped make the funky effect spectacular," says Bauxal-Gleason. First, I bleached out the remaining red pigment she had already with 40 volume. Starting with darkest to lightest, I used the balayage technique, painting the colors freehand with a very small applicator brush-first with violet, then wild orchid, followed by magenta and finished with pink."

Hair: M’chel Bauxal-Gleason
Photographer: Eric Fox
Makeup: Diane Johnsen
Style Advisor: J. Hilburn