Blonde on Blonde

While most actresses change their haircolor faster than you can say Jack Frost, HOT has managed to capture a winter moment for Elizabeth Banks, whose lovely locks continually morph between rich creamy blonde, variegated beige and golden hues.

"Elizabeth's natural skin tone has a slight warmth and her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue," beams Paul Mitchell Editorial Director and celebrity colorist Lucie Doughty.

"The pale, vanilla blonde with creamy licks of color running throughout play beautifully against her natural coloring and make the entire look pop."

Doughty has been Banks' go-to gal for color for the past several years. During their longstanding relationship, she has been instrumental in creating Bank's ever-changing colorations for movies, personal life and constant public appearances.

"Elizabeth has been a loyal client who, despite her fame and fortune, remains a cool lady, mother and wife," smiles Doughty. "I adore spending time with her while caring for her hair. Elizabeth's natural beauty—both inside and out—always enhances my work tenfold."

Elizabeth Banks

Color Reveal

"I normally touch-up Elizabeth's color once a month to keep it fresh and bright," reveals Doughty. "Working with a 1/2" regrowth, level 8 shafts and ends, and level 10 highlights, I first applied finely woven highlights around the front hairline and then added slightly thicker highlights right behind those foils to create licks of blonde.

I then foiled the top of her head, starting just below the natural parting.

For the balance of her highlights, I took fine, diagonal slices to give an overall lighter effect.

I used a lighter base formula around the hairline than I did for the rest of Elizabeth’s regrowth to illuminate her face and create a light, shimmering effect when her hair was styled straight back. Because both base formulas were from the same color family, they seamlessly blended together."

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