Hydra Help

How do the ladies of Pawnee, Idaho get such enviable locks?

Terrie Velazquez-Owen, Lead Hairstylist on NBC's "Parks and Recreation," uses PRAVANA's NEVO Hydra Pearls daily on starlets Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones.

"I put Hydra Pearls on Amy and Rashida first thing before I start heat styling. I do so much blow-drying and curling with an iron that I need a really strong heat protector that will give shine as well as moisturize and protect"

Velazquez-Owen notes that the Hydra Pearls are super hydrating, but don't weigh down hair or leave a greasy residue.

"I also use it for taming flyways once the hair is dry. It's amazing that you can layer on this oil product and it does not become an oily mess."