Jen's Blog Part 6
Nothing like flying high and then being brought back to reality. After a few weeks of good news, I came home to lots of frustrations. I felt like a child in the middle of a custody battle between UCLA and MD Anderson with my insurance as the mediator.

I had chemo on Monday night in Houston and flew home Tuesday morning. As soon as I got home, I drove to Santa Monica to get a shot that I needed. Due to insurance complications, I wasn't able to get the shot that day or the following day. The last few days, I've been back and forth between the two centers, both thinking the other is being difficult and uncooperative.

Jen at Paul Mitchell The School in Sherman Oaks with Lucie Doughty and Takashi Kitamura
Jen at Paul Mitchell The School in Sherman Oaks with Lucie Doughty and Takashi Kitamura

The difficulty really comes from getting insurance to approve services in two locations. Yesterday was my last chance to get the shot, so I just drove to UCLA to see what could be done.

As I checked in, I got a phone call that the insurance was finally figured out and I should come down for the shot. Lucky for all of us, I was already there! We came up with a solution that I'm hoping MDA will agree to, so that it will be much smoother in the future.

Some Beauty Relief

After my shot, I was still feeling frustrated and overwhelmed plus I missed my family and friends. I needed a pick-me-up, so I decided to stop by Paul Mitchell Sherman Oaks to get some hugs. It turned out to be very serendipitous!

Oprah had a contest for a makeover that was being filmed at the school when I arrived. Some pretty amazing people were there-Takashi, Lucie Doughty and Kristin Firrell (VP of PM product development)!

It was great to meet all of them, not to mention to see some of my fave team members and Future Professionals. So glad I went in when I did.

It was a good reminder of the circle of support I have here and a nice lift to the spirits.