Jen's Blog Part 3
Deja vu. This seems very familiar, almost like I've done this before. Only it's a little different this time. I am in a private room, lying on a hospital bed and after four attempts, they finally got a "clean stick" and am now ready to receive my chemo...

Fourth time's the charm, right? Already looking into having a port placed again ASAP. I do not want to have to go through that every time and would very much like to keep my veins.

This is the third time I am facing this beast, only now it's the beast's big brother picking on little ole' me.

Well, guess what BRO? You shouldn't have underestimated me 'cause I'm about to show you who's BOSS!!

I've got bony elbows and bony knees and I will knock you to the GROUND! We'll see who's left standing.

I may be throwing up while I am standing, but at least it will be on you! And even if you happen to get me down, I will not stay down.

I will continue to get up and fight! No matter which way you slice it, I defeat you!!!

Your scrappy, feisty cancer warrior

"As soon as we saw the puzzles in the waiting room, we knew this was the right place for Jen. She even went immediately back to finish this one after she completed her chemo treatment." Sister Kerry Finley