Jen's Blog Part 2
Today was our first official day at MD Anderson in Texas and what a day it was! I am so tired that I can hardly think straight! We were at the hospital for at least 8 hours, starting at 7a.m. (5a.m. California time). I think I fell asleep in every possible place that I sat or lay down in the hospital-in the waiting room, doctor's office, on the ultrasound bed-before, during and after the ultrasound-and before and after the biopsies. Not to mention the nap when I got back to the hotel room. Okay, enough with talking zzzz's.

It's impressive how quickly they move! I registered and then met with the doctor (on her day off), had an ultrasound and three biopsies with results within minutes! Lightning speed! I am impressed with the level of service, care and follow-through.

Topnotch Care


Jen shows her strength as she flaunts a new bald look.
Jen shows her strength as she flaunts a new bald look.

When speaking with my doctor, we discussed options here and elsewhere. She actually works closely with the doctors that I have appointments with at other cancer centers. Essentially, the treatment will be the same whether I go to L.A., N.Y. or here, but the difference is the level of expertise here.

This hospital trains many of the specialists that are out there. Their radiologists can identify cancer masses that are 4mm and smaller!

Since my doctor works closely with Dr. Somlo in City of Hope, Calif., (who I'm meeting on the 17th), she said that I could have my chemo appointments at City of Hope and only fly back to Houston for follow-ups, scans and surgery-everything else that's important. Who else can say that the top cancer centers in the nation collaborated on their health plan? Kinda cool!

I have a PET scan scheduled for tomorrow (amazing that they got it scheduled so quickly!) so that I can start chemo again next Monday or Tuesday. The chemo regimen will include Anthracycline/Adriamycin-a.k.a. the red devil. UCLA does not use that form of chemo anymore because of its possible side effects. It has a 1% chance of causing congestive heart failure and/or leukemia after 5 years, but the doctor made a good point that I have to be alive after 5 years to even have that risk. First things first, right?

So, once I start chemo again, it will be every 3 weeks and then every other treatment, I will fly back to Houston for a follow up with ultrasounds. For those of you who loved me bald, watch out, 'cause it's coming again! Just hopefully not before my sister's wedding...

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