Uptown Girl

Naomi Watts looked flawless strutting the Red Carpet at Toronto International Film Festival.

Behind the look is the talent of Macadamia's International Creative Director Giannandrea.

Wearing a plunging black Stella McCartney jumpsuit with a gorgeous Bulgari necklace and hair styled in a low pony with high-volume that Giannandrea refers to as "Parisian Chic! "Naomi's hair was created with a touch of Euro-City style in mind," says Giannandrea.

Here's How:

He started with wet hair and prepped with Macadamia Professional's new Foaming Volumizer (launching in October) all over to create ample body and lift all over.

Giannadrea gave hair a rough blow-dry and used a large round brush to smooth out her ends.

Using a 1-inch iron, he waved a bit of her hair around the crown, then using Macadamia Professional Volumizing Dry Shampoo on top, he back-combed the whole top of head for ample height.

Brushing the sides back he pulled hair into the mid-back of the head with a clear elastic, creating a tight ponytail, then took a small section of the pony and wrap it around the base of the pony using a pin to hold hair in place.

Using a flat iron and ironed the ponytail flat and straight down, smooth.

Once the pony was set, he put a dime size of Macadamia Professional Whipped Detailing Cream on his fingers to define, separate and form and ran his fingers through her hair to create grooves, then top-parted it creating texture without losing the height.

Lastly, he set her hair with Macadamia Control Hairspray.

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