Emmy Awards Color Formula: Debra Messing
With a personality to match her fiery hue, Debra Messing has always been one of our favorite redheads. At the 2014 Emmys, she shined in a lovely deep shade that toed the burgundy line -- and we can't get enough! Get her color formula from celebrity colorist Rona O'Connor, here!

Rona O'Connor's Tips & Color Formula:

Step 1. Before coloring Debra's hair, I used Goldwell Colorglow IQ Structure Equalizer Spray to allow for better color absorption.

Step 2. For her color, I used Goldwell TopChic permanent hair color. I created a level 7 copper for the base, while adding three different shades of red throughout her hair at the same time:

 Level 9 Golden Apricot

 Level 8 Bright Copper

 Level 7 Natural Copper

Step 3. I finished her color with a gloss to seal and tone the reflective reds.

Step 4. After shampooing, I applied one of my favorite Goldwell products: Color Lock Serum