Mermaid Manes

Formerly blonde True Blood star, Anna Paquin made a drastic beauty transformation recently-fulfilling her teen dream of "being a mermaid."

Her multi-colored mane flaunts a deep shade of purple and has hints of turquoise and sea foam green.

"This deep, ocean violet color looks amazing on everyone! The green and blue peek-a-boos throughout especially flatter those whose skin tone look best left cool," says PRAVANA Artistic Hair Color Director, Vadre Grigsby.

Check out Vadre's formula below to replicate this look!


1. Mid-shaft: PASTELS Mystical Mint + PASTELS Blissful Blue + drops of VIVIDS Blue

2. Pieces throughout: VIVIDS Blue and PASTELS Blissful Blue

3. Ends and Face-Framing Pieces: PASTELS Luscious Lavender + VIVIDS Violet + VIVIDS Clear

4. Through Top and Sides: PASTELS Mystical Mint + VIVIDS Green + VIVIDS Clear

Products used: