Sunset Strands

Though bright, bold colorful hair has been trending among celebs, Lilly Allen's sunset strands stand out among the rest. This star recently stepped out rocking a beautifully blended and colorful mane of multiple shades.

PRAVANA's Artistic Color Director, Vadre Grigsby breaks down how you can create this look:

This is a color melting technique that blends the colors where they meet.

Create this look using tint brushes and taking small sections, applying the VIVIDS Violet formula at the root, then VIVIDS Wild Orchid formula through the mid-shaft and Coral formula through the ends.

With gloved hands, blend the formulas where they meet, making sure to clean gloved hands between blends.

Color Formula

Formula 1: Equal Parts VIVIDS Violet and VIVIDS Clear

Formula 2: 2 parts VIVIDS Wild Orchid to 1 part VIVIDS Magenta

Formula 3: 4 parts PASTELS Too Cute Coral to 1 part VIVIDS Orange + 1 part VIVIDS Pink

Products used: