Top Lash Talent

Beauty's best came together for NovaLash's third annual LashOff Awards Ceremony in Houston's up-and-coming museum district. Gathering at the Hotel ZaZa, eager employees, lash artists and trainers, invested associates and past LashOff winners gathered to congratulate this year's eyelash extension experts-Karlene Smith of Bellingham, Wash., the Lash Artist of the Year, and Fan Favorite, Bianca Martinez of Yuma, Ariz.

Both lash artists received trophies, as well as monetary recognition for their wins. "These talented lash artists beat out our largest pool of contestants for this honor. Their dedication to meticulous lash application embodies what we as a company believe all customers deserve," says NovaLash CEO Sophy Merszei. Later in the evening, NovaLash Financial Controllor Susan Richie was presented with the Employee of the Year Award. Receiving more "Employee of the Month" nominations than any other individual on staff, Richie exemplifies commitment to the company and a "can-do" attitude.

The evening ended with cake and champagne as guests kicked off NovaLash's year-long celebration of 10 years in business.

Beth Fetzer, COO, NovaLash with Susan Richie, Employee of the Year and Sophy Merszei, CEO, NovaLash   NovaLash Staff celebrates with Lash Off Winners