Hollywood Beauty
Learn to craft these stunning Red Carpet looks flaunted by Hollywood's leading ladies

Beauty buffs are still lusting over the hot hairstyles spotted at this year's Golden Globe Awards. From Sofia Vergara's relaxed waves to Julia Roberts' sleek updo and more, Pureology Pure Artists Sandra Joseph and Angela Noreck reveal the oh so simple steps needed to achieve the look. With their tips and a few Pureology Serious Colour Care products, you'll be craftng Red Carpet-ready looks in a flash!

Sofia Vergara

1. On damp hair mist Pureology Colour Fanatic to prime and protect hair. Layer Pureology Silk Bodifyer from roots to ends for volume and movement.

2. Create a side part, blow-dry it, taking small sections with a medium round brush.

3. Emulsify a small amount of Pureology Cuticle Polisher and apply throughout lengths of hair for extra shine and support.

4. Re blow-dry lengths of hair to create a beautiful soft finish.

5. Mist a light layer of Pureology Supreme Control for an all-night hold.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

1. On dry hair, mist Pureology Fortifying Heat Spray for added thermal protection.

2. Take 1 1/2 inch sections and mist Pureology Strengthening Control Hairspray, then wrap sections around large, hot rollers directing all sections back.

3. Once cooled, remove rollers and brush thoroughly with a soft bristle brush.

4. Lightly backcomb the crown area and smooth it with a soft brush to polish hair.

5. Gather hair in a low ponytail and twist inward. Secure twist with pins.

6. Allow fringe to fall forward and define pieces with Pureology Cuticle Polisher.

7. Finish with a mist of Pureology Radiance Amplifier Hair Spray for super shine.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

1. Start by misting Pureology Color Fanatic on damp hair.

2. In your hands, blend together a nickel size amount of Pureology Nourishing Nectar with a pearl size amount of Pureolgoy Cuticle Polisher.

3. With a vent brush, direct the hair back and forth on top while lightly bending the fringe section under.

4. Use your fingers and a blowdryer to smooth the hair in back close to the head and around the head shape.

5. Finish with Pureology Anti Breakage Twist to define, separate and polish the look.


Pureology Colour Fanatic
Pureology Silk Bodifyer
Pureology Cuticle Polisher
Pureology Supreme Control
Pureology Nourishing Nectar
Pureology Anti Breakage Twist
Pureology Fortifying Heat Spray
Pureology Strengthening Control Hairspray
Pureology Radiance Amplifier Hairspray