Integration Hairpieces

When a wig or hair loss specialist talks about an integration system, he or she is referring to the type of base, which comes in different types of mesh with tight to loose weave patterns. Your client’s existing hair is pulled through the mesh openings and combined with the additional hair to create a more voluminous style.

The system that you choose to use will largely be guided by the amount of natural hair present, where the integration hairpiece needs to be placed and how it must be attached to ensure that it’s secure.

Before offering this service, you need in-depth training and a private area where women can comfortably bare their heads while you detach and reattach their hairpieces.

If you’re interested in learning more about integration/pull-through hairpieces, I recommend that you investigate On Rite (, which has excellent customer service and in-depth, hands-on workshops; HairDreams Volume+ System (, which makes relatively easy-to-master integration pieces; and Reallusions, a company with an exquisite line of hairpieces for beauty professionals that are deeply involved in women’s hair replacement services.