Holiday Cheer

Tis the season to do something special for salon guests to make the season bright, festive and merry. Patrick McIvor, Artistic & Technicultural Director for Goldwell and KMS California, suggests offering a comforting seasonal beverage such as a hot mulled cider or cocoa. “This is something that costs almost nothing, yet makes a huge statement,” he says.

Jesse Marcks, owner and color specialist at Madison Wisconsin’s Au Fait Salon and Goldwell Hair Care Artistic Team Member, owns a small salon with limited space, so she uses a compact Keurig machine with a water attachment and then goes to Sam’s Wholesale Club to buy hot cocoa, tea bags and apple cider packets in bulk. Since presentation is everything, Marcks serves drinks in bold artistic mugs.

Here’s her menu offering:

“The cost is really minimal, clients love it and the salon smells amazing! One of my clients even took picture and posted about a mug of hot caramel cider. A little effort goes a long way,” says Marcks.

Michelle Lloyd Parks from Core Salon in Randolph, New Jersey uses a crock-pot to keep apple cider brewing with fresh sliced fruit. She sent McIvor the following message on Facebook, “Guests are loving our hot spiced cider! Great idea! We put the cinnamon sticks andcloves in it and also added fresh oranges and apples!”

“Get people talking about your salon this season by adding some cheer ! With very little effort, you can bring a sparkle to both your staff and clients,” adds McIvor.