Pony Up!
Ponytails are still everywhere on the runways and fashion/beauty magazines, creating a demand for these seemingly simple styles.

How can you make your work stand out?

Get creative and give clients a tail to remember!



Thick and lustrous
Thick and lustrous, this ponytail is done by setting the hair in jumbo hot rollers for just a few minutes. Remove rollers and back-brush the hair from the hairline to the occipital bone. Put a slightly harder tease on the top portion down to the crown. Spray hair with a working hairspray and smooth into a ponytail midway down the back of the hair, being careful to leave the lift that you've created at the top. Re-tease the ponytail, lifting and twisting to form the shape. Use a rattail comb to lift and shape the very top of the style. Finish with a medium-hold fixative.
Angelo Seminara for Trevor Sorbie International
This ponytail is wrapped with a custom hairpiece. Create designs on weft pieces and wrap around a teased high style.
Nicole Kidman at the Cannes Film Festival, 2013
You can create this faux-hawk pony in a snap! Brush the sides and back into a low pony, leaving a 3"-wide section free from the hairline to just below the crown. Tease this separated section, smooth the outside layer and incorporate it into the common hair band as shown.

Retro '50s Ponytail
Give her a perky, high pony by first creating a short side part and then back-brushing the top back to the crown. Leaving the top section out, create a clean high pony and then incorporate the teased section without adding tension. Use the side bristles of a brush to smooth the strands. Finish the ponytail by curling the ends to create a '50s twist.
Guido Palau for Alexander Wang fall/winter 2013
Tap her inner diva with a faux pony. Shown: cognac. Color possibilities: endless. Attach the faux pony and wrap a strand around the attachment area. Directions for creating an ultra-smooth ponytail is described in our Sleek and High Ponytail description.
Sleek and High Ponytail
This ponytail looks simple, but to do it right, she needs your expertise. Apply a smoothing cream from roots to tips that makes the hair lay flat without creating a "gelled" look. Divide the hair into three circular sections going all the way around the head: (1) 2" circular section with the middle point being exactly where you want the base of the ponytail; (2) a 2" circular section next to the 1st one that goes all the way around the head; (3) and a final circular section that encompasses the balance of the hair. First brush each section until it is smooth, and then use a fine-tooth comb to make it flat and sleek. Wrap a strand of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin. Finishing touch (optional): Apply a gel that produces a patent-leather shine on the top, sides and back (not on the ponytail itself).