Blue's the New Hue

In the hair biz, blue is certainly the new black! Two of Hollywood's raven-haired beauties recently debuted fun new looks that focused on blue. A day after Kylie Jenner dyed the underside of her hair a bold blue color, Demi Lovato turned heads as she sported a full head of bright blue locks.

According to PRAVANA ArtisticColor Director Vadre Grigsby, "blue is a natural complement to the complexion of dark-haired ladies. The trick is how to get the right shade of blue as there is such a wide array of shades. We currently see celebrities wearing blues from deep sea foam to navy and every shade in between."

Though the look may be flattering, it does take a bit of prep work. "When starting with dark hair, this can be tricky. Dark hair must first be lightened to a light shade of blond and then the blue can be placed over these lightened pieces to be more visible."

On Demi Lovato: Teal-ish Tresses

Feeling blue? Vadre has provided formulas and step-by-step instructions to replicate these looks:

Demi Lovato

1/4 oz. VIVIDS Blue + 1/4 oz. VIVIDS Green + 1oz. PASTELS Blissful Blue + 1oz. PASTELS Mystical Mint + 1oz. VIVIDS Clear

On Kylie: Blue Hue

2oz. VIVIDS Blue + 1/2 oz. PASTELS Blissful Blue + 1/2 oz. VIVIDS Clear

Vibrant Cool Blue

1 1/2 oz. PASTELS Blissful Blue + 1/4 oz. VIVIDS Blue + 1 drop of VIVIDS Violet

Mint Blue

1 1/2 oz. PASTELS Mystical Mint + 1/2 oz. VIVIDS Clear + 1 drop of VIVIDS Blue

Step 1: Mix Pure Light Power lightener with 30 volume developer

Step 2: Apply this mixture to the areas that ultimately you want the blue to be visible on

Step 3: Process the Pure Light mixture at room temperature as it lifts through red to orange and then from orange to yellow and continue lifting until almost all of the yellow has been removed (Remember that yellow = blue = green and unless you're seeking a tealish-blue hue, make sure that the yellow is almost all removed)

Step 4: Once you have sufficiently lightened the hair, shampoo out the Pure Light, rinse, condition and dry the hair completely

Step 5: Apply the Blue VIVIDS mixture of choice to the areas that have been lightened

Step 6: Once applied, let the color process at room temperature (no heat required) for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear

Step 7: Shampoo lightly with VIVIVDS Color Protect Shampoo and follow with VIVIDS Color Protect Conditioner, rinse and style