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Collective Works My name is Chad Clark. I love to teach, and I love hair. This is a little about myself, and the adventures I have experienced in my 10 years in this industry.

I grew up in a small farm community in Central California. Ever since I was young, I had dreams of something larger than what was around me. I love people and their stories. I love conversation and new experience. This has become one of the driving forces that keeps me excited in my craft.

I love to write. I have been writing for our industry for just over 5 years now, working for local and national publications, Internet blogs, and anywhere I can be heard. My writings are always based on consumer trends, helpful industry insights, and observations and personal convictions. I feel that my ability to connect and relate to people has been one of my strongest network tools I have.

I love photography. Being inside the studio with an artist of the lens, creating and capturing the perfect image, and spending hours at a time, fine tuning the process and creating art from craft. Putting my head together with other creative, like-minded people created some of my best images. It's where I can take what I teach and turn it into reality.

Teaching has always been at my core. Discovering new ways to efficiently communicate the language of hair has been my fire that keeps me burning. Working as an Associate and Stage Artist for John Paul Mitchell Systems allowed me to travel around California, and meet, influence and inspire thousands of hairstylists and owners. Teaching inside of the schools as Head Learning Leader for Fresno JPMS Campus, taught me how to simplify and break down the systems of cutting and coloring, making them more translatable for all levels of professionals. I then began to teach as an Education Specialist for the Milan Institute in Clovis, Ca. It kept me fresh on my presentation skills, and also allowed the future professionals to see what is possible if you commit to consistency and efficiency. I also lead the Business Fundamentals Sessions at our school, sharing the industry secrets of Marketing, Sales/Goal Tracking, Communication, and more with the future professionals to help them be more confident and prepared for their chosen career. I am currently training to teach haircutting for Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA

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