"FAMILY," the book

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"FAMILY," the book + FREE technical booklet "FAMILY, step by step"

The hard cover edition is offered in English, Spanish & French.

ENJOY! Discover our vast collection of 170 hairstyles for every member of the family from leading world stylists.
LEARN! Our complementary "FAMILY" Step-by-Step booklet interprets the latest styles featured in the "FAMILY Hairstyles" book.

"FAMILY", the book
This comprehensive "FAMILY" book, which features 170 hot hairstyles, joins HAIR's HOW's series of styling books.
Now you can help every member of the family find an ideal style to suit their preferences. Inside, you'll find cutting-edge styles for men or women, as well as styles for any age group, hair length or type. This vast selection of styles is conveniently sectioned for Short, Medium and Long hair, Evening styles, Men, Matures and Kids.

- 170 Hairstyles for every member of the family from leading world stylists.
- 3 languages - English, Spanish & French
- Hard cover
- 120 pages
- Format
10" x 13 1/2"

FREE pull out technical booklet "FAMILY, step by step"
This handy instructional booklet was designed to accompany the "Family" book, and aims to assist stylists in interpreting some of the chic styles featured there.

Each step-by-step instruction is accompanied with before and after photos, detailed text descriptions and photos of each step

- 21 step by step instructions
- 40 pages
- Soft cover
- Format
9" x 11 3/4"

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Remain on trend with the most cutting edge hairstyles!

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