March 2007

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    ● Richard Thompson:
    A Visionary World.renowned Stylist.
    ● Kristan Frei:
    Stories of a Hair Artist: Creative Eccentricity.
Women's Trends
    ● Everyday Cuts:
    Spring Colors: Bright, Stylish, Personal.
    Glamour Style: Ways to Create a Cold Hairstyle.
    ● Feminine Style:
    Hair Parting and Elongated Bangs for Straight Hair.
    Weightless Hairstyles Using Curls.
    ● Gala Style:
    Magical Details for an Evening Blow.out.
Wedding Hair Fantasy
    Wavy Bride: Royality with Stylish Bangs.
    Movie Star Bride: The Incomparable Amazon.
Men's Trends
    Everyday Cuts: Peaceful Styles for Restless Men.
    Individuals: Virtyal Glamour.
Step By Step
    Natural in Spring: The Magic of a short Haircut.
    Short and Feminine
    The Dancing Bangs: A Thousand Styles in One Cut.
    Several Cuts in One.
    Black Pearl: A Glamorous Approach to a Cut for Long Hair.
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