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Miss Universe 2013 Olivia Culpo at the Miss USA 2013 Competition
Glamour Gals
Learn how to create two hot hairstyles worthy of a "Miss USA" debut!

Susan Brennan of Orchard Lake, Mich. nabbed Second Place for her elaborate gown.
Charmin Creations
Charmin unveils the winners of the Ninth Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest.

From left, Oribe and Kevin Green, who was named `THE ONE.`
Finding "THE ONE"
Oribe selected top talent Kevin Green as "THE ONE" to receive a six-month mentorship for the Backstage Miami THE ONE contest.

Katie Kapoutsos
Beauty Boost
NovaLash artist Katie Kapoutsos was selected by The Knot in the "2013 Best of Weddings" bracket

Star Blazing
May/June 2013 Find in
Star Blazing
Cosmetologists Chicago's annual STARS and RISING Stars Photo Competitions introduced fresh faces and gave big nods to hot, established talent.

What`s Next Finale
March/April 2013 Find in
What's Next Finale
With five cities under its belt, Sebastian Professional's What's Next Tour is heading to Los Angeles!

Stylist Megan Gepner of Lake Stevens, Wash. nabbed a win in the `Most Brilliant Red` category.
Color Wars
Find out who nabbed top honors in the Ultimate Chromatics Contest

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