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Looking Good-Doing Good
Looking Good-Doing Good
Sexy Hair nationwide Cut-a-Thon raises more than $110K for Look Good Feel Better

Jen reunites with her dog Roxie
Jen's Blog Part 5
Good News!

It's good to be back home in my own bed with Roxie by my side! These last couple of weeks have been very recharging and much needed! After nearly 10 months of talking on Skype, my boyfriend, Jirar came back from Russia to visit. Only two more months before he's home for good!

The Rapunzel Project`s unique cold cap technology prevents the hair loss associated with chemotherapy.
Kenra Cares
Kenra supports breast cancer awareness by granting donations to The Rapunzel Project

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Jen star gazes while in Hollywood
Jen's Blog Part 4
A Pink Army

October. This is a big month-the month of pink, boobies and Halloween. It also signifies my anniversary-my cancer-versary. A year ago, I was still in blissful ignorance, enjoying every moment of getting to know my new home in Los Angeles. Within 5 days, I found a large lump in my right breast and my focus suddenly shifted to cancer.

MD Anderson - Let the Battle Begin
Jen's Blog Part 3
MD Anderson - Let the Battle Begin

Deja vu. This seems very familiar, almost like I've done this before. Only it's a little different this time. I am in a private room, lying on a hospital bed and after four attempts, they finally got a "clean stick" and am now ready to receive my chemo...

MD Anderson-I`m here!
Jen's Blog Part 2
MD Anderson-I'm here!

Today was our first official day at MD Anderson in Texas and what a day it was! I am so tired that I can hardly think straight! We were at the hospital for at least 8 hours, starting at 7a.m. (5a.m. California time). I think I fell asleep in every possible place that I sat or lay down in the hospital-in the waiting room, doctor's office, on the ultrasound bed-before, during and after the ultrasound-and before and after the biopsies. Not to mention the nap when I got back to the hotel room. Okay, enough with talking zzzz's.

Jen Pearson
Fourteen Percent - Jen's Blog Part 1
Jen Pearson is a beauty professional, cosmetology teacher and incredibly resilient person. She is 31 years old and a breast cancer patient.

Sometimes this life of mine just feels so surreal, as if I am invading someone else's story.

The last few weeks have flown by and so much has happened in that timeframe that it makes my head spin! I feel like I'm at the beginning again-being diagnosed for the first time and scrambling to get a handle on the situation...

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