9 Beauty Resolutions for a Gorgeous New Year -
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9 Beauty Resolutions for a Gorgeous New Year

New Year's isn't all about downing a glass of champagne and counting down to midnight. It's also about setting the tone for the coming year! In honor of 2015, we've compiled nine must-have beauty resolutions that you can make, starting now.

January 1st. What better occasion is there to begin anew? And it only takes a small change to make a big difference. This is totally the case with regard to beauty; take a couple minor aspects of your routine, tweak them just so, and you have a brand-new beauty regimen that yields visible (and gorgeous!) results. Here are our nine game-changing beauty resolutions. Keep them and you’ll make 2015 the most fabulous year yet!

1. Revive your tresses. Be honest: Do you put your strands through the ringer? Put down the flat iron and invest in a deep-conditioning treatment. Try a DIY coconut oil or honey mask! Even getting regular trims can resurrect your damaged mane.

2. Do some face-saving clean-up. Two major culprits of breakouts? Your cellphone and your pillowcases, which can harbor acne-causing bacteria. Buy a phone cleaning kit (off Amazon or at Best Buy) to make sure your phone isn’t rife with bacteria, and wash your pillowcases about twice a week.

3. Get handsy. To combat visible signs of aging, keep hands moisturized. Apply hand cream after washing the hands can go a long way toward preserving elasticity. Also, dab a bit of cuticle oil around the perimeter of your nails every day and soon you’ll find that they begin looking freshly manicured 24/7.


4. Three letters: S. P. F. Are you not taking sunscreen seriously? We’ve all been guilty of this, but now it’s time to 'fess up. When you go outside, you need to apply sunscreen. Next time you buy moisturizer, make sure it includes SPF. And look for makeup primer that includes SPF, too!

5. Be daring. You know that intricate braided hairstyle you saw on Pinterest that you love, but you feel would be too wild for you? Fret not. Try it out! And while you’re at it, sport your boldest red lipstick. Paint your nails in neon. Break those beauty barriers and free yourself!

6. Hands off! How many times have you painstakingly applied the perfect coat of nail polish, only to peel it off hours later? What about rubbing off your makeup or mussing your flawless blowout? Resist the urge to pick at yourself, and you’ll thank yourself later.

7. Rub-a-dub-dub. Once a week or so, put the world on pause and take a luxurious bath, complete with candlelight and relaxing music. Fill the tub with nourishing bath oils – your skin will be oh-so soft and renewed!


8. Hydrate! You’ve heard it a million times, but here it is again: Drink more water. Not sure how much water to drink per day? According to the Institute of Medicine, women ought to get nine cups per day, while men need 13.

9. Take it off! Going to sleep with your makeup on is a cardinal beauty sin. Make sure to use makeup-stripping facial cleansers and designated makeup removers – as opposed to multipurpose wipes or soap and water -- which not only perform well, they impart skincare benefits galore.

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