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Breaking down the barriers that surround Avant Garde Hair!

A First for hairdressing. Hairstylist Andrew-Thomas Corbett presents his Avant Garde educational collection SARDONYX.

Showcasing six innovative and adaptable techniques utilizing synthetic hair. Sardonyx is inspired by the gemstone of the same name and pushes Avant Garde hair into the conceptual with Sardonyx Coil. Step, spherical curl, plait, weave and wave plait.

The techniques are broken down and shown in depth using a clear step by step guide.

Sardonyx Coil

Creating a strong visual and intricate statement, a wrapping and coiling technique is used on wire. A frame provides the support for the individual coils utilizing a sowing technique. Underneath a ponytail bun provides a base for the piece to sit upon.

Sardonyx Weave

An intricate silhouette shows an eight strand weaving technique. These are individually constructed transferring to a base of foam pipe to create the dimensions. The piece is anchored to the head shape clipping to a ponytail bun.

Sardonyx Plait

A directional and progressive take on three strand plaits, an elongated anti head shape is created. Wire form and lateral sowing are used extending and expanding the texture of plaits. The piece is secured to the head on a ponytail bun and clipped.

Sardonyx Step

Clean horizontal lines project a progressive statement of hair using large alice bands as a base for a wrapping technique. Following with a sowing technique, a wig wrap is worked making for a clean flat surface for the piece to grip the head shape.

Sardonyx Wave Plait

Advancing a three strand plaiting technique, the wave plait is shown and pieced together on a polystyrene structure extending the effect and taking on the dimensions of the base. A wig wrap technique allows the piece to sit flat on the head shape.

Sardonyx Spherical Curl

Creating a linear spherical effect, a wrapping and twisting technique is used followed by lateral sowing to fix. Working dimensions to individual taste, a base is created for the piece to sit using foam pipe.

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Format: DVD
Language: English
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Run Time: 54 min
Price: $39.95

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