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● Brand-new issue of HOT by Hair's How is now on
● Breast cancer patient Tricia Andron's blog - Part I and II
Hair Flairs gets editor Jeryl E. Spear all feathered up.
PAPERSELF transforms ancient Chinese paper-cutting into couture lashes.
Charlie Price gives users the lowdown on his road to success.
I've just come back from five glorious days in Mendocino County! Next stop: Eufora Global Connection in San Diego.
To learn more, access: I hope to see you there! Yours truly will be a judge for the event.
Jeryl E. Spear, Editor-in-Chief, HOT by Hair's How   

Special products that benefit breast cancer

Charitable Activities

Beauty salon providers are showcasing the power of pink as they launch special products that benefit breast cancer research and awareness. Think Pink!

Blog: Not My Grandmother's Cancer

Breast cancer patient and young mother Tricia Andron continues her story about her battle with breast cancer. She offers an intimate look at the process, her emotions and the importance of not looking like her grandmother while undergoing treatment. Part I and Part II are posted.

Sponsored Message: Hair Flairs Makes the Feather Trend Fly

Hair Flairs placed a trail of feathers at Cosmoprof. Watch this video to learn how to do a braided, triple feather extension. Quick and entertaining. Don't miss seeing Editor Jeryl E. Spear get her first set of feathers! Quick and entertaining.

Paper Parade

PAPERSELF has created paper lashes using the ancient art of Chinese paper-cutting. HOT's favorites: Butterflies (symbols of young love) and Horses (success). These are the most unique eyelash enhancements…ever!

Asking Price

Charlie Price has never been one to mince words. In "Asking Price" HOT discovers how this creative icon made a name for himself in the pro-beauty and fashion worlds and why he's not really the villain that he portrayed on Bravo's Shear Genius 2.

Step-by-Step: "Violet Twilight"


Hair: Simone Selvaggio
Color: Franco Romano
Products: Tecna Italia


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