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Hair Flairs

HOT Off the Press!

Hair Flairs teaches the three-section feather braid
Martino Cartier demos five-minute, add-on smoothing service.
Doreen Guarneri reveals the heart of American Culture Brands.
● Renegade stylist David Guerin gives Uncle Charles a buzz.
Chad Seale's Fan behind-the-scenes video enchants.
Oribe Backstage comes to life.
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Greetings! We have important news: After assembling a crew that includes a great cameraman from Access Hollywood and producer that works with top-profile talent such as Prince and Steven Spielberg, HOT by Hair's How has launched HOT TV.

Our first three beautifully edited clips can be viewed on
Jeryl E. Spear, Editor-in-Chief   

Video: Hair Flairs Makes the Feather Trend Fly

Editor Jeryl Spear gets all feathered up; Hair Flairs Creative Director Trina Marr demos a three-section feather braid; basic how-to info for all plume-crazy stylists.

Video: Keratin Complex Int'l Artistic Director Martino Cartier Demos His 5-minute Smoothing Service.

Martino Cartier's mind is always bubbling over with new and creative ideas. In this video, Cartier shows how a five-minute smoothing service-which lasts up to six weeks-can provide a must-have, add-on service for nearly every client.

Video: American Culture Brands Takes a Huge Leap Forward

American Culture Brands was created and is being driven by the Guarneri family, including Doreen, who has been a hairstylist for 25 years. In this fast-paced video, the heart of the company is explained; AC's Simply Smooth brand is discussed; new color line is revealed.

Although HOT didn't produce the following, we also endorse these three videos:

Video: Style Renegade David Guerin Cuts for a Special Cause

When young teen, Toni Cortina, is diagnosed with cancer, Uncle Charles shows his support.

Video: Fans by Chad Seale

This behind-the-scenes video is nothing short of magic. We promise you'll be smiling to the very end.

Video: Oribe Backstage

Watch highlights from this summer's Oribe Backstage event, which include models and floating jelly fish; Oribe's pussycat girls; fascinating backstage footage that reveals Oribe's creative self.

Adios for now!
HOT by Hair's How editorial team

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