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August 18, 2013
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Fresh and Fabulous
How is it possible to do this level of work with so little experience? Beauty school students are producing incredible, never-before-seen designs for the pro-beauty industry.

We're betting it's a melding of passion, invaluable mentorships and inspirations based on the past, present and future of our field!

The New West
As a student at Taylor Andrews Academy in Utah, Tyler Steven France propels Old West cowboys into the far-flung future.
His Muse? Bat Masterson of Dodge City fame? Pat Garrett of Lincoln County, New Mexico? The only thing we know for sure: Tyler Steven France, we love your concept and collection. You have a fabulous career ahead of you in the pro-beauty field.

Cotillion Beauties
NAHA 2013 Student of the Year winner Stormie Roberts uses her new-found skills and rich beauty past to create a panoply of images that give a nod to traditional coquette balls that are punctuated with beautifully dressed, super-edgy styles. What has motivated Stormie to go so far in so little time?...
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  Wella Professionals

Tiffany Bernard, US Student Gold winner, wowed judges at the most recent Wella North American Trend Vision Awards color competition.

Her inspiration from this year's theme "The Sound of Color": Decibel-a color trip where augmented reality is a way of life. Her source of education: Citrus Community College in Glendora, CA.


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"MEN," the book + FREE technical booklet "MEN, step by step"

This comprehensive "MEN" book features 257 hairstyles for men.

This new addition to the Hairís How collection includes this seasonís new commercial cuts, colors and styling.

Each step-by-step instruction is accompanied with before and after photos, detailed text descriptions and photos of each step.

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"MEN HAIRSTYLES", the book

The images of this collection were created by the best stylists in the industry who are world-renown.

   ● 257 Hairstyles from leading world stylists.
   ● Hard cover, 120 pages. Format 10" x 13 1/2"
   ● 4 languages - English, German, Spanish and French.

FREE pull out technical booklet "MEN, step by step"

Instructional booklet comes with the book and it helps to interpret some of the styles featured in MEN styling book.

   ● 35 step by step instructions
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