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July 20, 2012
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HOT Off the Press!

● Learn the art of multi-toned color correction.
Malibu C prevents lingering oxidation.
Richie Roman interprets beauty touched by nuclear disaster.
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Color Balancing

(Model Cleo, daughter of stars Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross)

Marie Ferro, renowned colorist and owner of Marie's Hair Studio in Malibu, California, has photographed one of her many color balancing services for HOT readers!

"When Cleo came to me, she had a one-inch regrowth that pulled red; a white band below that, which was previously over-processed; a five-inch yellow band along the mid-shaft area that was under-processed; and a five-inch section down to the ends that was muddy and drab," Marie Ferro reveals...

Back to Normal

Do you know that H20 does not stop H2O2 from oxidizing?

When trying to stop further lightening by applying water to targeted sections, you're simply diluting, rather than neutralizing the chemical reaction.

Suggestion: Instead of spritzing foiled sections with water or doing partial rinses at the bowl—which increase the chance for bleed marks—mix a batch of Malibu C Crystal Gel normalizer in a tint bottle and apply it to sections that have reached their targeted levels...


Glimpsing into the far-flung future, stylist Richie Roman imagines Japanese beauty in a world that has been redefined by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

"I know that it sounds dark, but for whatever reason, I felt compelled to watch every bit of news as the Fukushima reactor meltdown unfolded in 2011," Richie Roman confides.

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