Ports 1961: Effortlessly Elegant

A modern, classic aesthetic was the focus of the Autumn/Winter '13 Ports 1961 show that debuted in Milan.

"The Ports 1961 clothing collection was very beautiful, well made and perfectly proportioned," says Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director, Care & Styling, Wella Professionals. "I wanted to create a hair look to complement this-something very considered, but effortless and elegant."

Souleiman and his talented team created sophisticated styles for the lineup of models. The finished look was the sum of two parts, with a low side-parting swept across the forehead to give a puritanical feeling to the look, yet at the back of the head was a flash of elegance in the form of a mini reverse French pleat.

"This is more hair design than hair styling. It's extremely technical and should only be attempted by a trained hairdresser," jokes Souleiman.

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