Gianfranco Ferré: Contemporary Chignons

Elegance and femininity were key styles presented at Gianfranco Ferré's European show, which debuted in Milan.

The well-tailored clothing looks featured dramatic touches such as plunging necklines and structured, high collars.

A sophisticated color palette debuted rich hues of chocolate, navy, cream and black.

"For this collection we used Lauren Hutton as an icon of elegance and beauty for a contemporary idea of femininity," says Federico Piaggi and Stefano Citron, Gianfranco Ferré.

Disheveled chignons modernized this contemporary version of Hutton. The hair was styled by CATWALK by TIGI Italian Creative Director Marco Iafrate and Rudy Lewis. "The hair was gathered behind, but not too combed-almost a little messed up. It's stylish and sweetly disheveled," says Rudy Lewis for CATWALK by TIGI.

Get the Look:

1. Prep the hair with CATWALK by TIGI Your Highness Thickening Gel Crème to give it texture and body.

2. Blow-dry the hair back off the shoulders, creating a center-part from the crown to nape.

3. Brush back the hair on both sides of the part, twist inwards, then gather it together at the back of the head with hairpins.

4. Use CATWALK by TIGI Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray and the brush to reduce volume at the sides, creating random pieces and secure them with hairpins.

5. Define hair individually with hands and set with more CATWALK by TIGI Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray.

Products Used:

Gianfranco Ferré's European show